lookin' for vibes

Devon Beverley (DBeverle_+a_HBPS_+lDevon_Beverley+r%HBPS@mcimail.com)
Wed, 13 Mar 96 16:13 EST

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I'm looking for recommendations for "acid jazz" groups that use vibes as a
primary instrument (vibraphones, that is). I like to groove to the likes
of Roy Ayers. Also, looking for guitar laden tracks, ala Grant Green,
Ronny Jordan, etc... Thanks for any head ups.

Props to the list! Being a freshman to the list I must say that the list
has opened up a whole world of "acid jazz" possibilities for me. One last
request (I promise one day I'll pay you back), any good recommendations
for mail order sources? As things are pretty dry, aj-wise, here in

You can't fake the funk!

Devon B