Re: tokyo hip hop report 1995

Daniel Ryan Bidwa (
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 18:06:31 -0500 (EST)

Hold up, wait a minute:
I'm only doing Krush tape distribution for NTSC-speaking countries.
That includes the US, Canada, Mexico (I think), Japan, and maybe
Australia (and probably some others; those are the ones I'm fairly
sure about). I don't have the capability to do a translation to
PAL (which is the television format for most of the rest of the
world; NTSC tapes do not work on PAL VCRs, and vice versa); besides,
$3US worth of postage on a tape going anywhere over an ocean would
probably put it on the slowest boat. I should've made this clear before;
my apologies to anyone who's already sent money for a videotape they
won't be able to watch (drop me email if you haven't already and we'll
sort it out) (Jeroen, I got your mail; let me know what you want me to do).
If you're requesting a tape from outside North America, let me
know before you send anything, and I'll sort out the postal rates

>One more time:
>Copies of the Tokyo Hip Hop Report 1995 (i.e, the Krush tape, for
>shortness' sake) are available from me for $3 (which just covers
>postage; all the tapes and cases are recycled professional quality
>VHS tapes left over from production, and are dubbed off a SVHS copy
>of Ben List's Hi8 master during studio downtime; everyone who gets
>this tape probably owes my cool boss a beer or something). Send
>$3 (cash or money order, please) or $3 worth of something cool to:
>Dan Bidwa; PO Box 81267; Pittsburgh, PA 15217-4267. Expect a few
>weeks delay between the time you drop the money in the mail and the
>time you stick the tape in your deck, as these are all getting done
>in the gaps around my real work. Whenever I mail any tapes out, I'll
>post the addressees' names to this list.