Greyboy All-Stars in Philly
Wed, 13 Mar 1996 23:28:33 -0500

Hey Everybody,

I saw the all-stars in Philly. These guys are all really great players. I
was most impressed with Karl Denson (tenor, alto, soprano, flute &
percussion) and the drummer whose name I don't know. The latter's beats were
so locked and funky. One observation that I would make that might be taken
as a criticism is that they almost seem to be a nostalgia act. Everything
they do has its point of reference in '70s jazz funk. This isn't necessarily
a bad thing. I obviously love this stuff and they do it really well and
authentically. It's just that the Greyboy All-Star's scope seems to be a bit
limited. Just a thought that occurred to me during the show, which I enjoyed

Peace Out,