Re: Re: Trip-Hop Ques.

Peter Wang (
14 Mar 1996 22:19:02 GMT

Jakub wrote:

>UFO are pretty unique within the acid jazz genre but I think
>most list members would agree that their stuff is definitely worth
>getting. IMO, both UFO's albums are better than the K&D output that I've
>been exposed to. However, since the styles are completely different, it
>basically comes down to a matter of taste.


Yes indeed it is a matter of taste. Well said Jakub. I happen to be one who
digs both groups and place BOTH in my top 10 or so all time favorites (judged
by degree of aural pleasure one derives as well as consistency of product
quality (sounds like a manufacturing plant don't it?)). So, to whoever
started this thread, I believe you've got some great listening ahead of

peace + dub,


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