Luke Vibert & What is trip-hop?

Peter Wang (
14 Mar 1996 23:17:07 GMT

Just picked up "The Story of MoWax" -- all in all a great comp of definitive
MoWax ilk!! Anybody got info on other releases by Luke Vibert, who, to me
has one of the stand out cuts on the comp due to my partiality to certain
bass lines that just hit my sweet spot. (bass lines like the Tek-9 track on,
dare i mention it, Jungle Vibes 2, K&D Deep Shit, LFO by LFO, Silent Poets'
LaVie, UFO's United Future Airlines, etc.)

And about "ambient"... i'm compelled to start some Music 101 bullshit with
that all too often mentioned, but seminal, LP from Eno/Byrne, but i don't
feel like writing an essay. I do just want to emphasize two things:

1. the music we listen to, as has been discussed before, i a melding of many
genres and lineages. but if one is looking for a general umbrella definition
of "ambient" , i would define it as music with some sort of ethereal
atmosphere, uses keyboard pads, strings, or other sounds expressive of space
& time. and don't forget that the name of the genre itself has a meaning
which comes close to what ambient music could be -- if one just recorded an
hour of traffic & sound at a busy intersection, that could be considered
"ambient" (i'm sure John Cage would approve).

2. i understand that there is a need to derive labels for the new directions
in which the music we listen to eventually leads. it is also important to
learn what these labels, often misnomers, mean and what general styles they
define. but, more importantly, as lovers of this music, let's understand
what these terms mean and invent new styles to which someone will eventually
put a name to...

p.s. i do not mean to be preachy in anyway -- just wanted to encourage
pushing the envelope. feel free to disagree if you must.

peace out...