Various stuff

Keith (kwillis@VMS1.GMU.EDU)
Mon, 18 Mar 1996 12:09:59 -0500 (EST)

Speaking of the Church of John Coltrane, anyone ever been there? I think
it would probably make me religious. Well, maybe not.

I say the Greyboy Allstars and agree with everyone that they are
fantastic live.

Some recent purchases:

Soul Bossa Trio - Finally, I found this Cu-Bop release and it was well
worth the search. I love the version of "Ain't no Sunshine!" Who is
that singing?

Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd - "Jazz Samba"- found this used for six
dollars! It's a nice chill summer day sort of record.

Ramsey Lewis - "Sun Goddess" - Wow! Ramsey Lewis funkin it on a Rhodes!
This is definitely a far cry from the "In Crowd" days. Is anyone else
out there into his seventies stuff?

Keep an eye out on your local PBS station for a documentary on Curtis
Mayfield called "Darker than Blue." I saw it last night and it really
brought out how spiritual and in-touch Mayfield really is. I didn't
realize it, but he is paralyzed from an accident a few years ago. It is
sad to see such a great talent unable to express himself beyond
speaking. The documentary showed a brief segment of the video for "Let's
Do It Again" by the Repercussions.