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Mon, 18 Mar 1996 15:20:00 -0700 (MST)


Butterflow played here in PHX in late November, and Polliwog had the extreme
pleasure of sharing the bill with them. It was a pretty small show, and
hadn't been hyped by the press, etc., but it was a great time. (Props to
Hip Joint productions for getting them out here...)

Butterflow is all that and more, on a stick! I don't think that they had
the Bari when they played here, I can't remember... But the elec. standup
bass was snakey and the grooves were swingin'. Anyway, it was insane...

Just had to gush for a minute.


At 03:10 AM 3/19/96 -0800, Elson Trinidad wrote:

>10:45: Butterflow
>At the same venue about half an hour after Goin' Public left the stage,
>Butterflow started to groove. This septet (lead vocal, alto/flute, tenor,
>baritone sax, electric standup bass, drums, keys), led by Kevin Williams
>(former co-lead singer of the Solsonics) lives up to its name. The band
>starts out their set, in the Solsonics tradition, by jamming along to the
>house background music until they carry the sound all by themselves.
>In addition, fellow 'sonics member Derrick Davis led the sax section with
>his bad-ass flute and alto playing. The most memorable number in their
>first set was a song called "Westside," which has the typical L.A. funk
>flow rhythm, coupled with the perfect sliding standup bass line and a
>cool synth wash by their keyboard player. What a sound; Butterflow
>manages to sound retro, modern and futurisitc all at the same time.
>Williams' cool low tenor vocals rounded it out, and as my bandmate and a
>mini-review in the _LA Weekly_ testified, "He definitely knows his
>Stevie [Wonder] and Marvin [Gaye]."

Just a Baby Frog...

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