Re: disgusted.
Mon, 18 Mar 1996 19:21:26 -0500

I disagree. I believe something can be done. Make public notice of
these pure opportunists and hence unpopularize their behavior. If the
list can consistently and publicly succeed at this then it will simply
become unfavorable and therefore unprofitable for these skank-shanks to
pursue. You've gotta run'm off!

b dawg
Erik.Boralv@CMD.UU.SE wrote:
> > Listen...short and sweet...I don't pretend to be the administrator of
> > this list, or to speak for any others, but GET THAT ADVERTISING CRAP OUT
> > OF HERE!!!
> Just to prevent further posts: I'm on the case. But, and this is
> really sad, there is little or no hope of preventing postings of this
> sort...
> Cheers,
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