TAXI DRIVER soundtrack

DeAngela Duff (
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 09:16:43 -0500 (EST)

If you have a chance to listen to the TAXI DRIVER soundtrack, listen!
Trust me. Surprisingly, it is *VERY* jazzy. The music is by Bernard Herrmann
who also did the music to Psycho and a whole lof of other movies. In particular,
track no. 7, "I work the whole city," is really funky. Just getting "You
talking to me" on a track is worth the whole CD, but the entire CD is a must
in my opinion especially if you like mellow, jazzy stuff i.e. Takemura.

I also got the new compilation on Blue Note records where today's
producers/artists (i.e. The Angel, GURU, The Roots, Michael Franti/Spearhead,
Diamond D etc.) remix old blue note songs from Donald Byrd (Kofi), Bobby
Hutcherson, etc. I can't remember the exact title (it's out in my car), but
I think some of the remixes are really creative while others just add a new
drum track.

Also, if you like D'Angelo (not exactly acid jazz, but he is not your
average R&Ber since he is a musician), I recommend getting both the Lady CD
single with a live version of Lady on it and the remixes of Cruisin'. The
Crusin' remix by WET is "sweet"; it blows the album version away.

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