Re: Re[2]: Guitar laden (Was lookin' for vibes)

Erik Gaderlund (
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 19:53:55 -0600

>Devon Beverley wrote
> "Any suggestions where I might be able to pick up the recordings you
> suggested (on CD)."
>The Up & Down Club
>Sessions CD is a little trickier. Where are you located? I can give the
>club a call and see if they can mail you one if you are really interested in
>that one. It's a good representation of what's goin' on out San Francisco
>Deborah Brand

I found the Up & Down one at my neighborhood tower, which is Mountain View,
a suburb south of SF. Prawn Song/Mammoth is the one producing the CDs.
You might get lucky at Tower or a good jazz store. I'm gonna check out the
Jazz Record Mart in Chicago an try my luck.

erik g