Tim Arland (tca@CERF.NET)
Wed, 20 Mar 1996 21:51:54 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 20 Mar 1996, Elson Trinidad wrote:

> heck, though; I've had that guitar riff stuck in my head for days.
> (That's on the "Freestylin'" album, right?)

Yes...though I'd have to say my favorite off that album is "Texas
Twister"....the tune is absolutely brilliant! It awe's me each time I
hear it! (La Jolla is close behind).

> Come to think of it, isn't every song with the exception of the Us3 tune
> and all the John Lurie numbers, previously released material?

I think your right Elson, though...who the hell is Us3? I've never
heard of 'em.

> Wondering if the "Get Shorty" soundtrack qualifies as an "Acid Jazz
> Comp."

hmmm, perhaps a bit unusual for an AJ comp., but cool none the less!

- Tim