Re: DJ Cam INFO requested !!

Dino! (
Sat, 23 Mar 1996 00:59:40 +1100

>DJ Cam has been around for a while. His mixes feature all over Yellow

All of which are listed on the yellow Productions homepage at:


>A full length LP came out after [an older 12"].

I'm thinking that maybe Bambi is referring to the highly recommeded
"Underground Vibes" LP. Very nice abstract hip-hop. My favourite track
would probably be "Suckas Never Play That".

It's on DJ Cam's own (and now defunct, as reported by Daniel,) label,
Streetjazz. Catalogue number CAM LP 004 and the track listing is as follows;

Abstract Intro
Gangsta Shit
Mad Blunted Jazz
Suckas Never Play That
Sang-lien featuring Ben
Underground Vibes
Romantic Love
The Return of the Jedi
Other Aspects
Dieu Reconnaitra les Siens

Besides that, he also has a track on the rather tasty "Source Lab"
compilation called "No Competition". So, my only question is what are DJ
Cam's other releases? Note the catalogue number of "Underground Vibes" (LP
number *4*!) Dare I mention the word discography?