Erik Gaderlund (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 13:15:20 -0600

>Check this out - In the music section of your favorite bookstore there's
>a book called BLUE NOTE: The Album Cover Art. It contains some of the
>best work of Blue Note artist Reid Miles and focuses on his influence,
>which has apparently inspired album covers from everyone from Guru to Joe
>Jackson to Tone Loc to almost every other Acid Jazz Comp album. I bought
>it for my brother (a 17-year old jazz hed convert - blame big bro! :))last
>Christmas. Get it.
I was actually going to comment about that book, it is sitting on the
coffee table in my house. I even scanned some of the albums and had them
as my background on my web pages. Also check out the simmilarities between
Tone-Loc's first album cover, and Donald Byrd's "New Perspectives" album

erik g