Re: Pretty much just Babble

William Jon Curtis (
22 Mar 96 23:24:31 EST

Heydee Howdee Ho-

First off, Jason B commented about this: "Rajo Records Promo - I bought this
simply because there was a Q-Burn's abstract message remix on it. Michael, your
song is the only one up my alley on this record, though I really like the
dragons etc. on the label. Fairly thematic techno with a little bit missing, a
bit too loud without the depth."

You're talking about the Bahamut single for a cut called "Global Pandemonium".
This is a funny thing... I actually engineered this with the man known as Pimp
Daddy Nash! This is a case of how we sometimes make a little dough on the side:
rent out the studio to other folks for their projects. Chris, the guy behind
Bahamut, has used us for all of his singles so far and I have a remix on each of
them. I'm not insanely happy with the remix on the single you have, but the beat
did come out nice. And the voice at the end is sampled from Dr. Who, so that's
certainly a plus. Check out the first Bahamut single (green label) to hear me
remix in a frighteningly electro/Orlando sound mode (I was younger then, give me
a break). Here's a secret about the Bahamut single you have: the Dr. Shrinker
remix is by Pimp Daddy Nash. Ye gads! Clubby skeletons in the closet!

Winter Music Conference was a blast even though I was there only two days. Met a
bunch of nice people. Learned some things:
1) Bug eyed sun glasses are definitely in vogue with the club crowd.
2) Look for Glen Underground mixes of my "141 Revenge Street" and PFM mixes of
Pimp Daddy Nash's "Our Man In Stockholm" soon on SSR.
3) Kruder + Dorfmeister are super nice and approachable guys. We literally
shared beers Monday night (well, we forgot whose was whose).
4) Was told Patrick Pulsinger plays "141" in his DJ sets! Wow!
5) Said to me: "Anyone walking around wearing the convention registration tags
is no one you need to talk to." And how. These goofballs were walking all over
the hotel with their WMC badges in view. Then, I went sightseeing in the South
Beach shopping district, and these folks were wearing their badges in the stores
and restaurants, far from the convention site. "I'm cool, I'm here for WMC."
7) A lot of people were carrying these Dorado promos and I could never find
where they were coming from!
8) Most DJs should be heard and not seen.

What have I heard lately thats been excellent? Ummm.... DJ KRUSH 'Meiso'
remixes, yep... not too keen on the Crystal mixes, tho. Dragonfly 12" on
Sweetmother: good job Nasir... BMF will be playing the hell out of this. TEK 9:
excellent downtempo from Dego of 4 Hero... there's one slow cut that cuts the
drums like jungle and it is da bombarino. The new Yellow releases are tops but
of course I can't remember their names right now (oops sorry). The Fauna Flash
on Compost is out. It's great but wait'll you hear the new Beanfield. Also got
an advance of the Up Bustle N Out album... fantastic. NinjaTune is getting more
diverse and thus better. Quango had this mix tape by Tim Simeon (sp?) of Bomb
The Bass that they were giving out at the conference. This is terrific... akin
to the cut n paste of the Coldcut mix CD but not as manic. Not for sale so I
don't know how you can get one (bug Quango via e-mail, I guess... someone posted
their address a while ago. Don't tell them I sent you!!). DJ Morpheus from
Crammed (who compiled the Freezone CDs) gave me a tape of his radio show...
excellent mix of worldly musical vibes and electronic bedroom listening house. I
guess this show is broadcast in Brussels... they are lucky in that city to hear
this show regularly.

That is all for this time. "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for
the stars..." PEACE