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At 12:43 AM 3/22/96 -0900, you wrote:
>Somebody mentioned recently (not in the ROOT DOWN post though) something
about a limited edition Beasties instrumental EP. I really NEED this info,
"Ricky's Theme" is one of my all-time favorite smooth tracks. Such a shame
Money Mark is not nearly as the way, is this the same thing
that was rumored to come out as a collaboration with Mo' Wax a year ago?
No, it's not. It was originally a mail-order only item from Grand Royal
magazine but they broke and sold some. The CD is out now on Capitol and it's
called the "IN SOUND FROM WAY OUT". My copy is the trunk of my car (haven't
brought in the house from deejaying the other nite) so I can't check if
"Ricky's Theme" is on there or not. For those of you who haven't seen this
record the most important thing to realize is that it's all RELEASED
material, nothing new, just all these cool jazzy instrumentals in one place,
but if you have everything from the Beasties you already have it all.

>This post has obviously gone on longer than expected (can afford to do that
late at night) but I think it's very clear that were the cousins of acid
jazz not discussed on this list, there would be a) little volume b)
extremely little volume on new releases. I would sincerely like to know
what real 'acid jazz' (what I mean by that is live sounding stuff with horns
and vocals even) releases anybody is looking forward to hearing besides the
new Groove Collective disc.
Jason there are quite a lot of cool straight acid jazz releases still coming
out. Maybe not as many as a year ago as many of the bands have broken up or
moved in different directions, but still alot. A quick rundown of some off
the top of my head: Big Cheese All-Stars LP and 12", Workshy LP and 12",
Brownswood 2, Mighty Bop Zen 12", and the Yada Yada album. BUT I agree we
should still be talking about anything even remotely related to the musci be
it trip hop, dub, electronic whatever you call it or (IMHO) modern easy
listening/lounge (my 2 picks: the instrumental mix of Count Indigo and the
Vampyros Lesbos LP).

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