Re: Jamiroquai news?

Blanket, Neil (
Mon, 25 Mar 96 09:27:00 MET

I was in London in January and 'the' music station KISS FM were playing a
new Jamiroquai tune.

It was recorded with M-Beat (Junglists who had a huge hit with a jungle
version of Anita Baker's Sweet Love) and I really can't remember what it was
called, but it didn't have a release date.

It wasn't that good anyway.

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Subject: Re: Jamiroquai news?
Date: 22 March 1996 09:11

What i've heard is that there's a demo out with a few songs. I have not
yet head them, but should be getting sometime soon. There won't be a new
record until autumn, but a possible tou in the summer.

-Andy (
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On Wed, 20 Mar 1996 wrote:

> Hey everyone!
> Am new to the newsgroup and enjoy the postings so far. Thanks
> for the many tips, reviews, etc.
> My question: does anyone have any new info on Jamiroquai.
> I was unlucky enough to miss his shows in SF last summer (at Bimbo's
> and at the record-release party at Yo' Mama's Place in Oakland). Any word
> on a CD, tour, etc?
> Thanks...
> Peace
> A.