Anyone seen Gil Scott-Heron?

Alex Williams (
Mon, 25 Mar 96 11:20:42 GMT

Has anybody seen Gil Scott-Heron ? I went to Cambridge on Saturday
night to see him play. When I got there, the car park was virtually
empty and a guy came over to tell me that he'd cancelled. He said
they (the venue) had only found out that afternoon, but apparently
that was the 4th night of his UK tour and he hadn't turned up to any
of the gigs. He said someone had flown over to Washington to look
for him.

This is the second time I've been to see him and been let down. At
least this time I only drove about 60 miles. Last time I went to
Amsterdam to see him, only to turn up on the night and find that
he'd cancelled. I suppose most people know about his drug problem.
It's quite tragic really especially when you think about the strong
messages (often anti-drugs) in his songs. I guess he's only human
like the rest of us. Let's hope he's OK.