RE: Anyone seen Gil Scott-Heron?

Gerald Molumby (
Mon, 25 Mar 1996 04:20:01 -0800


Gil Scott-Heron is due to play here in Dublin next Sunday but I wouldn't
be at all surprised, from what you say, if he didn't turn up again. He
has failed to produce an appearance here twice before. If it does happen
I'll send a review.


>From: Alex Williams[]
>Sent: 25 March 1996 11:20
>Subject: Anyone seen Gil Scott-Heron?
>Has anybody seen Gil Scott-Heron ? I went to Cambridge on Saturday
>night to see him play. When I got there, the car park was virtually
>empty and a guy came over to tell me that he'd cancelled. He said
>they (the venue) had only found out that afternoon, but apparently
>that was the 4th night of his UK tour and he hadn't turned up to any
>of the gigs. He said someone had flown over to Washington to look
>for him.
>This is the second time I've been to see him and been let down. At
>least this time I only drove about 60 miles. Last time I went to
>Amsterdam to see him, only to turn up on the night and find that
>he'd cancelled. I suppose most people know about his drug problem.
>It's quite tragic really especially when you think about the strong
>messages (often anti-drugs) in his songs. I guess he's only human
>like the rest of us. Let's hope he's OK.