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> >hey people, I strongly recommend you search down a copy of "Regiment", a
> >12" single by Brian Eno and David Byrne,
> >circa 1981. Talk about ahead of its time. This is sure to be in James
> >Lavelles' crate, if that means anything to you.
> >It is also on the CD "my life in the bush of ghosts" for all you CD fans
> >out there. Give it a shot. Later, Brian Lyons
> >
> >
> I bought this album when it came out. Years later, it still continues to be
> one of those "return to" classics that will always accompany a heavy beer and
> a fat one.

I got this one when it first came out as well and was also delighted to hear
'Mountain of Needles' sampled on Goldies' 'Sea Of Tears' on his Timeless
release, I used the very same track (Mountain) as part of the soundtrack
for a video project at the time.


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