Re: Qool Requests/The A&R in Marv

Peter Wang (
26 Mar 1996 19:35:53 GMT

Whassup Marv,

Two things:

1. Just dropping you a line in eager anticipation to receiving your LIVE@BAR
6 tape and double checking that you had received my snail mail address (if
not, let me know)

2. I may have some VERY "in-progress" stuff Enemy Records may be interested
in which I can send out to you on down-n-dirty cassette format. The style is
kinda tr*p h*p with heavy basslines & warm synth keys. I would probably say
its like crossing Takemura's more minimal stuff with the more progressive
Mo'Wax stuff. If you (or Enemy) is interested in giving it a listen
(keeping in mind that it's all still in the works), e-mail me and and send
you out a tape.....



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