RE: Refried Food?

Gerald Molumby (
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 06:18:21 -0800

Yeah! - I dig that Food set,

I got pts 3&4 + 5&6. Fave tracks are the remixes of Dark Lady, Mella and
Scratch yer Head. And no I never got the lunchbox, for the box set,
either. most dissapointing but a good set nontheless...


>From: Daniel Ryan Bidwa[]
>Sent: 26 March 1996 18:13
>Subject: Re: Refried Food?
>Craig <>:
>>Somebody mentioned this record a couple days ago and I just saw it yesterday
>>on CD as an import. What is this CD like? I know it's other artists remixing
>>the "recipes for disaster" album, but is it good. (I know that's an
>>question) What I really want to know is: are the songs significantly remixed
>>enough to warrant the $23 dollar price of the CD?
>Oh my, yes. Or at least for the most part -- the Square Pusher and
>Fila Brazilia mixes, for example, rework their respective songs
>pretty thoroughly. There are some less impressive remixes (I thought
>the first set (the first double LP of remixes; no idea how they're
>distributed on the CD version) was pretty disposable aside from the
>Fila track (and I may be confusing them, so don't skip #1 just on
>my say so)), but in general, I think it's worth getting, especially
>if you haven't been picking up Ninjatune 12"s recently, as some of
>them show up on the LP(s). BTW, the remixes aren't just from "Recipe
>for Disaster" -- pretty much any Food is fair game.
>Has anyone gotten the box that the three LPs (well, six LPs) are
>supposed to go in? Watts didn't ship them with the third LP like
>they said they would, and I have no idea how to get one otherwise.
>Fave track for the day: Marschmellows' "Blackout" (no, it's not
>on the Food things; I can't remember the label). Nice mid-tempo
>abstract head nodder; closer to hip hop than jazz; snazzy enough
>that it's been stuck in my head for days.