Marc Wright (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 06:41:54 +1000

I got hold of the Ruby album 'Salt Peter' today. My life was not complete
until I listened to this wonderful noise! I had only ever heard the Wagon
Christ vocal remix of 'Paraffin' before, and I absolutely loved that. And I
didn't even know that an album was available - thank you Mark for both
recommending it, and giving me the info so that I could track it down.

This album is one reason why I think that our list should be able to discuss
things slightly outside the Acid Jazz umbrella. I don't think anyone would
call this AJ, or trip-hop, or anything else we tend to discuss here. But,
I'm sure that it is the sort of wierd shit that would interest a lot of
us....... we tend to be an experimental group.

Anyway, as Mark said "Sounds like Portishead covering Nine Inch Nails."
Couldn't be put better. Definately Portishead springs to mind, but more
grungey, and less - for the lack of a better word - 'commercially' acceptable.

It has already been put in a place of honor in a shrine on top of my
computer - next to the Portishead album.