Thu, 28 Mar 1996 00:44:49 -0500

>>If you are in the Boston area, 89.7 NPR will be broadcasting a live
>>Charlie Hunter Trio concert for 1/2 hour, then a live MM&W concert for
>>the remaining one half hour. This will take place on Branford Marsalis's
>>JazzSet at 11pm tonight (wednesday). Your local listings might vary, however.
>I got this information from Brian Whitman (Medeski Martin and Wood List).
>Did anyone happen to catch this and, with any luck, tape it? I'd love to
>snag a copy. Total bummer that it wasn't on throughout the States.
>Hopefully, sometime in the future though.

The show actually was broadcast all over the country, but each city airs
it (if their NPR affiliate carries the show...) at a different time.

I do have a tape of the show (one side of a 120 min tape - no breaks) if
people out there want to do some tradin'. The CHT stuff was pretty cool
and the Medeski, Martin & Wood stuff kicked, as always, although they
didn't play any of their REALLY sick shit and Branford Marsalis
completely introduced the wrong song. Geez, they only played two. How
hard could it be, B?

Also, if anyone's interested, the MMW internet masses have dozens of live
tapes - check out their homepage for more information. These guys are
absolutely sick live and are hands down THE funkiest jazz group on Earth
at present. No joke.