Re[2]: The Real Thing
Fri, 22 Mar 96 16:12:31 PST

"Pusherman", now that song makes me boogie!
Does anyone know if the "Superfly" soundtrack is on Cd? I can't seem to find it
anywhere. I would also be interested in recommendations of his other albums.
Anxiously waiting!
Subject: Re: The Real Thing
From: (Travis Brinster) at cc_smtp2
Date: 3/22/96 12:10 PM

It almost goes without saying, but the "Superfly" soundtrack is one that you
definitely must have.

As for his music, when he is at his best, he is brilliant. 'nuff said.

The Man also deserves much respect for his perseverance and enduring
commitment to making music after his accident.


At 11:24 AM 3/22/96 +0000, Jason Webb wrote:
>The other day, while sitting in a cafe in Leeds, I suddenly realised that
>the background music was really rather good. The more I listened, the
>more I liked - a kind of mix of funk vibes and mellow lyrics. On exiting
>the joint, I asked what it was I'd been listening to.
>"The Best of Curtis Mayfield" I was told. Of course. Only a genius like
>Mayfield could have produced such a sound. I have now re-discovered his
>music, but I thought I'd mention it and ask if there are any comments on
>his music, and which were his best albumns in people's opinions?
>Peace and all that shit..
>Jason Webb
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