Re: Re: Greyboy - AAARRRHGGHGHH!

Tim Arland (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 16:04:23 -0800 (PST)

On 22 Mar 1996, Peter Wang wrote:

> >Also check out the simmilarities between
> >Tone-Loc's first album cover, and Donald Byrd's "New Perspectives" album
> >cover.
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> word up!! I've got that book myself and that album cover of Tone-Loc's is a
> blatant rip-off of Donald Byrd's... it's one thing to be influenced by a
> graphic style and quite another to rip it off and not do anything creative
> with the act. I am totally down with ripping off (i.e. subverting) corporate
> logos/consumer product identities etc. but it's a shame when it's not done
> with any flair or cerebral this case it's just a lame
> attempt at packaging.
> I must admit that I'm quite partial to good graphic design. I'd never want
> to judge music by its cover, but good packaging certainly adds to the appeal,
> as many collectors of vinyl will attest. Check out the cover art for the UFO
> remixes release....

There is definately a fine line between "paying tribute" to an artist
and ripping off their music. The most appreciated correct method would
be give obvious thanks to the original musician/composer's influence.
Are we saying that Tone-Loc did this album without any reference to
Donald Byrd? Are the songs cover songs or supposedly Tone-Loc's own
material? Copying material and calling it your own is pretty lame I
think. It's one thing to borrow someones style or technique thinking
"hey, that's pretty hot...i'd like to use that" (especially if you give
credit) or just a blatent rip off. I really don't even like cover's very
much...generally...there are always exceptions to that, but redoing
someone else's music in a new style may be acceptable to some, but I just
generally dislike it. I'll probably get flamed for that with all the
recent Beatle and Zep covers we've been talking about here :) But
again... there are exceptions when done exceptionally well. peace out

- Tim