Re: Gothenburg/Goeteborg
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 18:35:59 -0200

At 11.54 96-03-28, frosty wrote:
>When in Gothenburg you must visit Nefertiti (at Hvitfeldtsplatsen 6),
>*the* jazz-club in town. There=B4s always live music, and super-DJ Ola
>spins funky tunes all night. Make sure you=B4re there early.
>The only recordstore in GBG worth mentioning is Bengan=B4s at Stigbergstorg=
>Have fun
>>I will bei at Gothenburg/Sweden on April the 13th. Does anybody know a goo=
>>location to dance or listen to good music?
>>And are there good record stores to buy swedish music?
>>Thanks to all of you

I cannot but agree with above statement - Nefertiti is THE jazz place
hereabouts. However, on april the 13th you may also go and get nothing less
than Alphaville live in concert at Vagen...
As to records buying, if there's something you can't find at
above-mentioned Bengan's, you just continue to Skivhugget, only 500 metres
down the hill.