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Fri, 29 Mar 1996 17:03:26 -0300

At 10:28 AM 29/03/96 -0700, Joe Spaeth wrote:

>As for Greyboy's Land of the Lost. It has a much slower (you may want to
>call it "laid back") feel. Maybe that was what spurred the West vs East
>coast comment. The striking thing to me is the more 'minimalist' feel of
>the CD. There are more open spaces in the music, more like a small jazz
>ensemble playing ballads. And there are lots of melodic lines that you
>want to hum for the rest of the day.

I got a vinyl copy of Greyboy's album, last february while working at Miami
(Yesterday and Today Dance Music in Alton Road: *highly* recommended) and
surprisingly, when I reached home and I pressed the start button of my
SL-1200 I liked a looot mooooore...


The magic was over when I realized that it was running at 45 rpm (while it
should be 33 of course)... Check it out.

Despite the funny situation, I love the record.

Peace and groove! -AM

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