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Ahh those "Strong Island" days


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On Sat, 1 Feb 1997, kevin kiernan wrote:

> what? no talk of rhazelle the human beat box from the roots? he often
> does their encores, solo. he does a sort of rap 101, recreating every
> major rap hit, with both track and lyrics. gives dougie (fresh) a good
> run for the money...
> kevin k
OK so I'm a little late on this one, but I have to second these props
Kevin's giving to Rahazelle.

"Here's a little story I gots to tell about..." Bizmarkie.

"It started way back in history with..." Ed, Alli, Ray, and me Nick D!

It was around 1987- The Bayshore High School talent show in L.I. We
thought we were baddasses- rolling into the dark auditorium with our
bombers and adidas sweats- Nervous as hell cause we were up against
another breakin crew and the dude who's always beatboxing with a crowd
around him in the South Shore Mall. We did our thing- nothing new-
Then we got a taste of the "Human Beat Box Craze!" People didn't know
how to handle this amazing sound pumping out of this 6 foot something man

on stage. Heads were turning to see where the radio was or where the
sound man was, but they returned focus on the man with
BIZ in white letters on his undersized black cap.
At this time in history, people heard of Dougie Fresh and the Fat Boys.
Some were even familiar with DMX, but Biz took it further. His
simultaneous sounds mixed with words bugged out the crowd and gave him
the grand prize of $200. We walked home spittinwickedrandomness as we all

tried immitating the slangtang rhythm to a beat and some rhymes.

I thought it was crushed until I saw the God Father of Noise- Rhazel!

I was at the Knitting Factory when I heard the the next level- He busted
out the Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nothin to Fuck With beat mixed with "Scorpion
Wins" from Mortal Combat. Then he dipped into the SP 12000 sampler for
some old school goodies (as someone on the list mentioned). Rhazel truely

took it to the next level and gives even Biz a run for his money.

Somewhere in my pile of tapes, I have Bizmarkie in his first radio
appearance on Marly Marl and Mr. Magic's WBLS show. In it he does a live
Human Orchestra for each of the names in his newly formed Juice Crew.
It was followed by Biz and Roxanne Shante's first jam together.

Anyway- I heard this amazing track two weeks ago on some NY college radio

show- They said it was either T-Bass or Squarepusher- Lemme explain
They used the beatbox sound (the kick) from "Stick 'em," by the Fat Boys
They continuously tweeked highs and other drum sounds around it into a
strictly drum and bass maze that I got lost in-
Can anyone help me on this track discription?

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