Re: humanic beats

Nicolas Desimone (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 12:00:04 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 4 Feb 1997, Ashwin Tumne wrote:

> > At this time in history, people heard of Dougie Fresh and the Fat
> > Boys.
> > Some were even familiar with DMX, but Biz took it further. His
> > simultaneous sounds mixed with words bugged out the crowd and gave
> > him
> > the grand prize of $200. We walked home spittinwickedrandomness as
> > we all
> > tried immitating the slangtang rhythm to a beat and some rhymes.
> >
> > I thought it was crushed until I saw the God Father of Noise-
> > Rhazel!
> My friend Prasad and I got to talk to Rahzel after the Roots show
> in central park NYC last summer. He mentioned Biz Markie and Dougie
> Fresh as major inspirations. He also said that since he was a kid
> he'd always been fascinated by that guy in those Police Academy
> movies who'd make all those crazy sounds. And just like that guy in
> the movie (I forget his name) Rahzel used to clown around in class,
> making all these noises, often frustrating the hell out of his
> teachers. Like a rapper constantly playing on words, or a DJ always
> never sleeping on a record for making music, Rahzel said that he
> never slept on any sounds - always taking whatever fell on his ears
> and practicing day and night to imitate it - all that with a daily
> routine of breathing and vocal exercises. His talent is truely
> legendary.
> He mentioned he was going to record a solo album featuring other
> beatbox junkies - anyone got any info on that? I think he does some
> stuff on the new Bush Babies LP (at least it sounds like him, but
> there's no info on the promo copy).
> > appearance on Marly Marl and Mr. Magic's WBLS show. In it he does a
> > live
> > Human Orchestra for each of the names in his newly formed Juice
> > Crew.
> "...we came to rock for brooklyn...Bbb..Bbb...Bbb....Bbb...BBBrrrrrrr
> and ...KHHHH...queens...Bbb..Bbb...Bbb....Bbb...BBBrrrrrrr...and
> ...KHHHH...manhattan...BBBrrrrrrr...KHHHH...Bbb..Bbb...Brrrrrrr...and
> ...KHHHH...the bronx....."

That is the nicest phonetic representation of the beat box that I've ever
seen- Props!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, did you ever check out that guy from police academy, who's name we
can't remember, in the waiting room of a hospital in a Cheech and Chong
movie? I'd like to see if you can come up with the spelling for that one!

Nick D.

> > shanti,
> ashwin