Re: Blueboy.

Colin Millar (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 13:49:32 GMT

> Hi all,
> I've just got myself a copy of 'Dope On Plastic 4'. 24 *perfect*
> tracks (on the unmixed 2xCD, or less (18?) on the mixed version).
> It has a beutiful track called 'Remember Me' by Blueboy on Chicago's
> Guidance Records. As it says in the liner notes "the perfect
> combination of killer jazz vocal and heavy, heavy beats".
> Does anyone know if Blueboy has anything else available on CD?
> Marc.

As far as I know he (Glasgow's Lex Blackmore, found out his name at
last) has had a few other 12"s out on various labels but from what I
can gather all of his other stuff is in a house vein. His best mate is
supposed to be Paul Flynn (aka DJ Q) who has had a couple of 12"s out
on Dorado offshoot Filter which again are house tracks, so it would
seem likely that 'Remember Me' was a one-off change in style.

His other stuff has had some good press though so it may be worth
hunting out but if you're expecting more of the same you may be

By the way if there is anyone in or around Edinburgh then the Dope On
Platic tour with DJ Krash Slaughta and Kitachi live is on at The Rebel
Base at the Gallery in the Cowgate tommorrow night. (Unfortunately I
won't be able to make it :( )