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Kurt Iveson (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 17:01:40 +1100

Professor Z-Love
Jazz/Funk Director, WOBC asks
>P.S. - Does anyone know what Organ-man Chester Thompson is up to these

Last I heard of Chester was on some late 80s, early 90s Santana albums ....
I like Santana, and I got pretty excited about this collaboration when I
found one of the albums (Freedom I think is one of them), but as soon as it
hit the turntable I was disappointed ... it was just pretty dull. Santana
with sythesisers and not much spark to it. None of the intensity of
Santana's good shit IMO, and none of the kind of unbelievable shit Chester
did with TOP ... you notice in his solos like in Knock Yourself Out that
the bass player cuts out altogether and Chester not only solos but he lays
down a badass bass groove with the foot pedals? Damn!

Is L. Pickett still blowin' with the Saturday Night Live band? I
>saw that David Garibaldi had some instructional drum videos he
>still recording?

Yeah, he's getting into the instructional thing. He's got a book out and
some vids. I checked out one of his drum clinics when he came to Australia
a coupla years back which was great (I'm no drummer, but any chance to see
someone like this and learn I'm definately gonna take). He's also recorded
some CDs with fusion trio, but I just cant remember their name.

Peace, and I'm out with some typical cheesy TOP lyrics...

"You got your fox fur on, you walkin out the door
Said you wont be around to see me no more
My friends be saying you put the hurt on me
But on the real side, we shall see

Talk that trash, mama
Knock Yourself Out..."

something like that, anyway... :-)

Kutmaster Kurt