Re: DJ Jezus Juice...

manola suvannarad (
Fri, 23 May 1997 21:49:32 +0900

V.A. Jain wrote:
> Anyone know anything about the above artist? I found a rather long
> Realaudio clip at the Netradio site from him. It's listed under their Cafe
> Jazz -> Acid Jazz section. Check it out at
> Any info offered is greatly appreciated.
> - Vic
> When I was living in Minneapolis last year, a club near my apt. (I think
it was called the Front or something...) used to advertise for a
so-called Acid-Jazz/Lounge night that featured a dj that may have been
Jezus Juice. I could be completely wrong since I never had any desire
to go to the club.

Any Minneapolis people on this list who may have gone or who might know
who I'm talking about?