Re: First Albums/ ACR query

Mark Allerton (
Sat, 31 May 1997 20:08:37 +0100

Mark Allerton wrote:
> Donald Johnson from ACR (who played just about every damn thing) was
> also involved in producing the early singles from brit-funksters 52nd
> Street. Andy Connell (who played keyboards) went on to become one third
> of Swing Out Sister. Martin Moscrop (another one of ACRs
> multi-instrumentalists) was also part of The Swamp Children, who went on
> to become Kalima - along with Ceri Evans (of Sunship fame.)

Funnily enough - I bought the Sunship LP today, and ACR get a mention in
the sleeve notes, and virtually everyone who had anything to do with ACR
or Kalima turn up in the "thank yous". No idea what the record is like
yet tho' - I'm listening to my other purchase ("Drum The Bass" by Shri)
first. More later...