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Jim Dier (
Sun, 01 Aug 1999 16:40:58 PDT

Dave Pike made quite a few straight ahead jazz rekkids before the
psycho-delic 60's had its influence. Got that Feelin' is orginally an MPS
release, I believe (great german jazz label, Giles Peterson put together a
comp of stuff from them a few years back...). Mr. Pike also did that track
'Mathar', a sitar-esque groover also from the same label and time period,
and has been reissued on a few comps, the last one being Outcaste's
"Untouchable Beats Vol. 1".

I highly suggest picking up the reissues if your into this schlitz, the
originals are scarce and pricey.


>dear list" tow lps i picked up!.1. Tago Mago 2lp by Can funky im sure this
>has been used. By whom? the drums sound familiar. Dave pike"ive got the
>feelin" vibe led Dutch band (well some members are dutch) cover james. But
>the originals are good. This is a reissue =and it sounds really bassy. I
>dont know if the origianl had this much Bass but this joint Bangs. Check
>this guy's lp's on Atlantic( in the US- i have "Doors of Perception") .if
>you seemem in the bin for 8.00 or less its worth a shot.
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