Tusken Raiders, Portishead, Gentle People and Nu-Eru Auction

dan @ thinksoup (@)
Mon, 02 Aug 1999 14:55:20 GMT

I have just put a couple of items up for auction on my web site. This is the
first of many forthcomming auctions, including later this week a large
quanity of old G.P.R 12"s and the limited Aphex SAW II LP...

Anyway for the time being you can find:

        Tusken Raiders - Bantha Trax (Clear,
                         Limited Clear Vinyl CLRX407)
        Portishead - Cowboys Promo
        Gentle People - Emotion Heater (Yellow Marbled 12"
                        with Luke Vibert Mix)
      Nu-Era - Breaking In Space (Ovum 12" - Aka 4-Hero)


Any mail regarding this auction should be send to:


Cheers and sorry for the waste of bandwidth if you aren't interested...


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