My wants list

Pedro Cevallos (
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 20:36:09 EDT

I'm looking for these on vinyl:

Gescom Keynell (Skam:SKA007)
Ae Anti EP (Warp)
Any Autechre/Gescom/etc...
Any Skam or Warp stuff
Squarepusher Budakhan Mindphone (Warp/Nothing)
Jega Spectrum (Nothing)
Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique (Grand Royal)
     must be the 2X12" LP pressing.
Sarah Vaughn A Time in my Life (Mainstream)
Any Ninja Tune, Mo Wax, downtempo
Any Ultimate Breaks & Beats series
Any Sade
Any James Brown

and these on CD:

James Brown CD Box Set
V/A Skampler (Silent)
Any Fax releases

If you have any of these, drop me a line. I can email you my sale/trade
list or work out a cash deal.


Pedro Cevallos

"...the world is a comedy to those who think and
    a tragedy to those who feel..."
       -- Horace Walpole --

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