Re: shadow style & Prince Paul

Max C Gudmunson (
Wed, 4 Aug 1999 00:51:28 -0700

B. Allison wrote:
<I looked up that website and peeped the mass
interview with Shadow. One question: He mentions that
he did a track for a new thing from the
Automator/Prince Paul project with DJ Quest of Space
Travelers. The interview was done in April. Anyone know what
album he's referring to?>

That would be the 'Handsome Boy Modeling School' album that's being put
together right now. The Automator, Prince Paul, Quest and Shadow are all
going to be contributing to this one, though I think it was mainly Paul and
Dan's (Nakamura, AKA Automator) idea. Should be interesting; I have NO idea
what this is going to sound like, or on what label it'll be released on.

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