Records that have aged well....

Steve Catanzaro (
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 22:37:31 -0700

With the talk about how well Sade's records have aged (and I agree) does
anyone else have any old favorites that have aged particularly well? And, on
the flip side, any that sound awful?

As an example; I think, for instance, "On The Wall" by Michael Jackson still
sounds pretty good, but "Bad" sounds, well, bad.

And, are there any more recent records that you're willing to bet will sound
good 10 years forward? (I'll wager "Baduizm" will age better than "The
Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" but who can say?)

And one final one; does anyone have a record they've kept in more or less
continuous play (i.e., they can find it quickly and it's not too dusty) for
the last 10 years? Now that is the mark of a true classic!

(Still think "Kind of Blue" and "Nefrititi" sound better than "Amandla" and
even "Doo Bop")

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