Damn..i lost your mail

Bård Finesse (bard@mail.salgsnett.no)
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 15:48:25 +0200

..i even forgot your name! but you know who you are.
You wanted to trade those two records for that 2x12"
!K7 release... The machine with my email on it was just
struck by a virus and i cant get access to your mail...
hence, ive lost your name, adress ANd the title of that
record you wanted.

Could you send it to me again?

this adress is the same as beside@makeme.com ..so just
use whichever you want. Ok?

Sorry, it wont happend again ;)

NB! Sjekk ut denne http://www.gibud.no/gratis.cfm

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