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>Surely the singer on the 'finer' tune by NOW is Sarah Winton and not Corina
>Joseph ! 'Live your life with me' by Corrina Joseph on Atlantic Jaxx is
>wicked, check it ! (its a few years old now)
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>>><i've developed a real weak spot for
>>>corrina joseph's voice since that opening track on totally wired (11?). i'd
>>>love to hear what else she's done, because her voice is the sweetest.>
>>You should check out the track she did with Nightmares on Wax; it is on
>>the "Finer" 12" (part 2) that is out on WARP.
>>luv lew
The Finer track may be sung by Sarah Winton, but the b-side to the second
12" has a wicked track with vocals by Corrina Joseph. Trust me and check
this shit out.
luv lew

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