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Jim Dier (threedueces@hotmail.com)
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 13:34:01 PDT

Wassup. $mall ¢hange here to let you know about my shiznit this week on
Nickel and Dime Radio. As always, this happens from 3-6pm EST on Thursdays,
coming out of WFMU, 91.1fm NJ/NYC, 90.1fm Hudson Valley, and www.wfmu.org
for the world. Beside my own selections I welcome San Francisco DJ's Lo-Ki
(Konkrete Jungle) and DJ Mei-Lwun of Soulstice (Deeper Concentration, Om),
who are in town for that PS 1 silliness. So check 'em out and I'll talk to
y'all soon.

If you'd like to be removed from this playlist just type "dumb n' bass" in
the subject line.

Jim Dier aka $mall ¢hange aka money
   nnnicckel aannd ddime rrradio
   thursdaze 3-6pm wfmu 91.1fm NJ
stylee@wfmu.org www.wfmu.org
oh, ps this next line is bullshit

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