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Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but I just wanted to share it with you

After work, just out of impulse, I went to Guitar Center in Hollywood, to
buy some music accessories. I bought some strings for my bass guitar and a
new tuner. I decided to go browse the keyboard section and the pro audio
section and then I turned around and I saw HIM...It definitely was him, and
I felt this massive rush go through my head and soon started to shake and
feel weak in the knees...normally when I see celebrities, I really don't
care, but it's totally different when one of your biggest influences as a
musician is standing a few feet away from you...

He goes to the store often, actually, and was there to buy a new wireless
mic and a new harmonica. He even doodled around on the harmonica,
accompanied by his guide, named "Love" and his son, Kwame, who was around
11 or 12.

Not willing to let the moment go by without meeting the man, I quietly
asked his guide if I could meet him, Stevie turned around and jokingly
said, "No!" And then stretched out his hand for me to shake. I briefly told
him that I was also a singer/keyboardist, that he was one of my biggest
influences, etc. He asked me what kind of music I was doing, (I mentioned
Acid Jazz, so there's the on-topic content, heh), and he told me something
along the lines of, "don't stop/don't quit" and I assured him, like a lowly
private to a decorated general...wow, it's like I was blessed or something.
I also asked him what he was up to lately, he mentioned something about a
Gospel album project, and other things in general. Then I just told him,
"It was very nice to meet you" (I never really realized the literal meaning
of that phrase until that moment) before I walked away. I didn't get his
autograph, I didn't want to bother him too much and I thought just meeting
him would be special enough for me. I do wish I had a camera though.
Anyways, back to the list...I feel so inspired now...wow...


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