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19 Aug 1999 10:24:31 -0700

H'lo all -

Just wanted to drop a word of praise for the new Cabbageboy CD that's out on
NTone in early October. If you don't know'im, you might recognize his work as
Si Begg or Buckfunk 3000. This one hasn't left my CD player as of late -
incredibly organic, dubby trip hop with a sense of humor. Somewhat like Luke
Vibert's "Big Soup" with a load of whimsical samples and cut-ups. There's a
track based around a chorus about snack foods (!?!) - "doritos, fritos,
tostitos, oreos, etc." Plenty of low-slung funk on here as well. Best part is
the production - sounds pan from left to right and in general make your head
swoon. Very trippy listening experience. If you're into Vibert I'd check this
one. Also got the new discs from Vadim and the Cinematic Orchestra, but this is
the best of the lot...Brock

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