UFO/Monday Michiru

Jonathan Takagi (jtakagi@millennianet.com)
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 21:18:48 -0700

I saw quite a few copies of UFO's latest
album while in New York, though even the UK
import version's price tag was laughable,
who do they think they're fooling? Does
the new album have a domestic issue upcoming?

I also saw one of those Japanese compilation
CDs that basically compile all the remixes
off an album. Are the remixes off of "3rd
Perspective" any good? I have the Carl Craig
one, but I was chiefly interested in opinions
on the Jazzanova mix. Is this still available

There was also a 2CD best-of Japanese package,
is there anything new on this? Worth buying?

Also, would someone be kind enough to rank
Monday Michiru's album in order of purchase
importance? How are the remixes on the latest?
The Basement Jaxx mix looked tempting, but it
looks like it's a drum n bass mix from the cover.

If you live in Toronto, I envy you, you lucky
person. The selection for your film festival
is flooring.


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