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>From: "B. Allison
> This was answered very recently but I'm a dumbass
>and didn't save the message. Anyways. I've been
>wanting to buy a Hive album for sometime, considering
>I really dig some of the Celestial Recordings stuff I
>have (ie. Phoenix Orion, etc.)
> But I'm really lost on which is the best. I gave
>one of the albums a spin recently at a shop (don't
>remember the name; tripped out tan and brown designed
>cover) and it seemed to mostly be drumnbass and
>junglistic type stuff. I'm looking for anything he
>might have done that is more hip-hop inflected. Deep
>grooves. Slammin' beats. Stuff like that.
> Someone drop some knowledge on me. Thanks in

Someone must do all the design, his more hip-hop spy-groove album is also
tan and brown, but, has a more moorish/arabic architecture look, "Working
With Sound" is the title. Check: for some
sound snippets and a really cool sight. He's another San Francisco

erik g

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