RE: Arabesque

Arnault CASTEL (
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 12:03:06 +0800

I haven't listened to Arabesque but I've heard it's a mixed bag - not
evrything on there seems worthwhile.
Regarding middle east / Arab inspired music, I strongly suggest Rachid

He was part of a pop band with second generation immigarnts called Carte de
Sejour (something like Green Card). But his solo stuff is IMHO more
My favourite is called _Diwan_. I think it's on Island France.

These are some reworkings of traditional Moroccan/Algerian/Egyptian tracks
+ some of Rachid's comps. Steve Hillage collaborated.

It's not remixed or anything like house/dance music... Still sounds really
North African, but always make me feel like jumping around/dancing ...


PS: I know Ofra haza (sp?) recently collaborated with some "famous"
underground dance artisst on a remix 12", but I forgot with whom??? Anyone
has any idea???

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