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Sun, 29 Aug 1999 11:34:46 -0700 (PDT)

Hi everybody,

I am pretty sure that of all you AJ-ers will dig the
loft classics type of music. Long, jazzy, groovy
tracks which fit into every present day DJ-set.

The good news is that Mr. Bongo, in collaboration with
Dave Hill from Nuphonic is going to release a CD
series with a selection by David Mancuso himself.

For updates check:

for the record: I have no affilition with Mr. Bongo
nore Nuphonic records

all the best

--- Rick Martinez <> wrote:
> I'm diggin' for Matsubara by SOS (Is that the SOS
> Band of 'Take your
> time, do it right' fame.
> 'Rude Movements' Sun Palace, and Hot to Trot by
> ????.
> Where can I get the Loft Classics? Are the originals
> that RARE? Can
> someone help me.
> Records I found:
> <Funk Fusion Band- Can you feel it? (WMOT)
> <Fat Larry's Band- Here comes the sun (WMOT)
> <Le Pamplemousse- Le Spank LP (AVI) (house
> producers Studio 45 just
> nicked for their new hit " I Like the Sounds".
> Cooley!!!!)
> < Inner Life on Salsoul, w/ Jocelyn Brown. Garage
> legend Larry Levan
> produced some tracks on it. Faves: 'Pay Girl', 'Aint
> No Mountain High
> Enough", "Go Another Round'.
> <Secret Weapon- Must be the music (prelude)
> <Loose Joints' - Is it all over my face? (West End)
> Does anyone know who did " Delirium" , I just heard
> it on this Loft
> Classic Mixtape.
> And who recently sampled it ( new house artist) it's
> (DJ's/producers your help is much needed. Share your
> knowlege where
> these house tunes sample from)
> Essential
> Plastik Recordings presents Rize & Shyne's "Let the
> Music Move Me", Out
> this summer. Urbanite/ Dope Jazz
> Essential's Real Audio Mix @

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