Re: anybody heard about simon bartholemew lately?

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Tue, 31 Aug 1999 19:21:44 +0100

Hi Jason,

Yeah, the Akimbo CD came out about 9 months ago or so over here in the
Sounds pretty much like BNH's early stuff, quite funky. Its called "On
Top" and
its on the Acid Jazz label. I believe iMVS have it at



jason egbuna wrote:

> Hey,
> I just joined on here, so peace to everybody...
> Does anybody know what's up with Simon Bartholomew's (From BNH) side project
> Akimbo? Here in Canada (Toronto), nobody seems to know what I'm talking
> about when I try to find his disc, and nobody really even seems to know much
> about it in general. Is there anyway I can grab a hold of this thing?
> If anybody is in Canada, check out the band Bullfrog if they drop by your
> city. I just moved back to Toronto from Montreal, and Bullfrog (aka
> Mudshark...aka Public Enema...) is still one of the best acts around there.
> Also check out Jazz Pharmacy, they bring the roughest drugstore funk
> around....
> lates all.
> boonah.
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