Re: Plastic Surgery 2 and Hospital Records

Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 15:12:04 CEST

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    Picked up the Landslide 3X12 and Outpatients LP in a trade and can't use
    the vinyl. Anybody in the US game for a trade (no CDR's please)?


    04/06/01 06:09 PM
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    And you absolutely MUST pick up the Landlide 3x12 on Hospital. I don't play
    d'n'b, so the London Electricity stuff, while wonderful, isn't much use to
    me... but Landslide is an absolute must-have for anyone digging the more
    percussive (think Total Science or Hidden Agenda) end of broken beat.

    There's also a fabulous (and exclusive!) London Electricity track on one the
    Patrick Forge-compiled "Off Centre 2" on BBE (I'm pretty sure that's the
    one) that's just unmissable. Makes me wonder why I'm *not* playing d'n'b.

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