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    yeah, and Silent Poets does fasion shows while Mondo Grosso started making

    actually I think 2 step owes at least a little bit to acid jazz, as one of
    the things that kept the funky R&B flames a-burnin' during those years


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    > Speaking of what's active and what's not, I'd
    > like to know what's happening with the original acid
    > jazz artists that got this whole thing going. People
    > like Brand New Heavies, UFO, Outside, Jhelisa,
    > Federation, Groove Collective, the various record
    > labels. What new artists are carrying the torch, and
    > if there's anything left of the original spirit on the
    > scene. If enough people catch onto what Remy Shand is
    > doing, maybe it will re-ignite some interest. I hope
    > acid jazz doesn't go the way of disco.

    i think the acid jazz era is dead. it has definitely evolved and segregated
    into smaller sub-genres. people got bored and so did the producers and
    manufacturers of the music. snowboy doesn't do those posh songs like 'girl
    overboard' and chris bangs doesn't make stuff like 'quiet boys' anymore and
    james taylor (of jtq - even though he still drops the funk) doesn't make
    same style of brassy funk he used to.

    i think that the era of acid jazz is gone, been gone since 1996-7. the most
    modern thing I picked up that was remotely close to the term 'acid jazz' was
    cooly's hot box original material album on dome and I really got sick of it
    quick. the singing was great and arrangements were great but it totally
    felt like it should have came out in 1996 (rumour has it that it was made a
    long time ago but was held back). just came out way too late when
    everybody's musical tastes were changing - there might have been a fanbase
    but it might have been much stronger back about eight years ago.

    as for these bands:

    brand new heavies - supposed to be making a new album but we've been hearing
    that for, what, three years now.

    ufo - still making great music although their sound is completely different.
    check their new album 'v' on the japanese avex/cutting edge label (never to
    be released outside of japan, sadly). great album, a little dry in some
    spots but the mark murphy collaboration is stunning. of course, the jon
    lucien remake is great too.

    outside - not much is going on with them after their last album with filter.
    they had a really great track called 'blue sky' two years ago.

    jhelisa - did a collaboration with block 16 for 'find an oasis' last year
    for their album.

    federation - no clue but i hope they don't return. :) (i never liked
    federation too much)

    groove collective - i know they released an album awhile back but it wasn't
    anything special - well it's hard to top 'dance of the drunken master', that
    was their best album as far as i'm concerned, truly a incredibly harmonius
    blend. nappy g is playing his percussion around nyc. fabio morgera does a
    lot of studio work. itaal shur recently did another one-off solo outing but
    this time on wave as 'milk & honey' after his whole 'big muff' thing.

    abstract truth - i think they are done with too. monique bingham sings with
    jay denes for the blue six. i believe she was the vocalist for 'pure' and
    'sweeter love'.

    galliano - well rob and valerie do things a lot. they are like a jimi and
    nicole. rob is earl zinger, aquina tunebelly and whatever he decides to be
    and valerie does a lot of great collaborations, her voice is a godsend! not
    sure about the rest of the band. oh yeah, rob is 1/2 of two banks of four.

    young disciples - can't exactly remember what is going on with jnr. nelson
    from the band but snr. demus is the other half of two banks of four. he
    also concentrates on his solo thing called 'numbers', check for his
    excellent hybrid album called 'safety in numbers' on main squeeze.

    carleen anderson - the beautiful voice from 'apparantly nothing' by young
    disciples. well, she is starting to do more collaborations just recently.
    'ballad of mardou fox' for numbers and 'runaway - getaway' for agent k.
    that's all i've heard from her though.

    acid jazz the record label - not doing much but still trying. i keep seeing
    ads in the straight no chaser and they really are trying to resurrect the
    whole vibe but it ain't working.

    ubiquity - still around, making the best of quality dancefloor-ables. more
    geared towards the newer breed and still showcasing some great san fran
    talent. wish they'd issue more goodies on luv and haight but they did a lot
    back then.

    dorado/filter - i dunno, future's pretty grim for them. no music coming out
    there end as of late.

    tongue and groove - many don't know what happened with this label. tongue
    and groove went in the way of the dodo and hospital emerged from the ashes.
    they tried their uptempo house thing with galactic disco but they decided to
    just keep on hospital (drum n bass and two step).

    talkin loud - obviously still around but may not be for long.

    All the best,

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